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The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has partnered with County Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the State and the Ulster County Department of the Environment  to deliver a 4 hour training course covering the principals and practices of erosion and sediment control (E&SC) on construction sites.

The DEC requires that all developers, contractors, and subcontractors identify at least one trained individual from their company that is responsible for SWPPP implementation and is on site daily when there is soil disturbance activity. This course fulfills this DEC training requirement.

Student Lounge, John Vanderlyn Hall, SUNY (Ulster), 491 Cottekill Rd, Stone Ridge NY 12484

COST: TO BE DETERMINED              Light refreshments are included                         

 LOCATION: Ulster County Community College (SUNY Ulster), Student Lounge, John Vanderlyn Hall

491 Cottekill Rd,. Stone Ridge, NY  12484

 All applications must be received by : TO BE DETERMINED   

Space is limited, first come, first serve. There are no transfers in registration and attendance

Training will be conducted by: Jake Wedemeyer, Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District

Registration begins at  8:15 AM;        Photo ID is required to register.


Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a NYS DEC Storm Water Training Number on a wallet card valid for 3 years.



All applications are to be mailed to the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District, 5 Park Lane, Highland, N.Y. 12528

4 Hour Contractors Training in Erosion and Sediment Control Registration Form

NYS DEC Trainee Form for 4 hour ESC Training   (Must be returned with UCSWCD Registration Form for Wallet Card with SWT ID) 

4 Hour Contractors Training in Erosion & Sediment Control Brochure

             SPONSORED BY:   Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District  and  Ulster County Department of the Environment




Phase II Regulations Assistance

    Our office has a certified professional in erosion and sediment control on staff (CPESC); if you are a developer, contractor or landowner, with an impending construction project, or work within municipal government, the following information may be useful to you. As part of the Clean Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has initiated “Phase II” Construction Regulations, which focus on stormwater runoff from small construction sites which disturb more than one acre of soil. Phase II requires that smaller construction sites must implement management practices to prevent polluted stormwater runoff. Listed below are some of the highlights of Phase II.


Phase II Construction Permit Guidelines

If the construction project will disturb more than one acre of soil and you are:

The site operator needs to:

In addition, if you are:

The site operator needs to:

If the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan does not conform to the New York State Stormwater Design Manual, the site operator needs to:

If the site is in a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) watershed and/or discharging into an impaired 303d water body, the site operator needs to:

MS-4 Stormwater Community Information

The construction industry is a critical effort in the nation's efforts to protect streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans. Through the use of best management practices (BMPs), construction site operators are the key defense against erosion and sedimentation.

As stormwater flows over a construction site, it picks up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals. High volumes of stormwater can also cause stream bank erosion, and destroy downstream aquatic habitat. Preventing soil erosion and sedimentation is an important responsibility at all construction sites.

In addition to the environmental impact, uncontrolled erosion can have a significant financial impact on a construction project. It cost money and time to repair gullies, replace vegetation, clean sediment clogged storm drains, replace poorly installed BMPs, and mitigate damage to other people's property and natural resources.

Click here to see a comparison of good and bad BMPs, and an explanation on how to make the practice "good".

Site Plan Review

The Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District is willing to provide assistance with the application process, including review of erosion and sediment control plans, free of charge.  If you fall into the above listed thresholds, or are close, but not sure, please feel free to contact the office and/or access the NYS DEC website addresses. The Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District is a non regulatory agency who provides technical assistance to landowners, municipalities, contractors, developers and the agricultural community.

For additional information please check the following websites:

DEC Division of Water (Stormwater Web Page)

EPA Stormwater Homepage

DEP Stormwater & Permitting Reference Center