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The Ulster County S.W.C.D. has full Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping capabilities, which are used to assist landowners and municipalities with locating wetlands, flood prone areas, MS4 regulated communities, soils and basic land features. GIS is a useful tool for farm planning, stream assessments and technical assistance. Individual property boundaries can be mapped and outlined over aerial photographs, topographic maps and planimetric maps. Please refer to the map prices below.

SIZE                                                             PRICE

8.5 x 11"                                                     $3.00

11 x 14"                                                       $4.00

11 x 17"                                                       $5.00

17 x 22"                                                      $9.00

D Size Sheet (22" x 34")             $11.00

E Size Sheet (34" x 44")             $21.00

The following two images below are some examples of the maps we provide:

                                                    AERIAL MAP


                                         AERIAL AND TOPO MAP

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