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"We make house calls."

The Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District is an action agency, providing technical conservation assessment and assistance to municipalities, agriculture, citizen's groups and individual landowners, as designated by the Ulster County Legislature. The District takes great pride in the fact that it is among the few governmental agencies which actually make site visits at NO COST.

When contacted, District staff work with their clients to set up a field appointment that is convenient to both parties. In addition to verbal assessment in the field, the site visit is usually followed up with a written report containing: mapping, soil descriptions, engineering specifications, sketches, and any other pertinent information needed to assist the client.

The District can provide evaluation, recommendations, and follow up as needed for the following disciplines:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Pond Site Enhancement

  • Hillside and Road Ditch Stabilization

  • Drainage Enhancement

  • Agricultural Feasibility

  • Conservation Planning

  • Critical Area Seedings

  • Riparian and Conservation Buffers

  • Streambank Stabilization

  • Surveying/Mapping for Permitting Assistance

  • Wildlife and Habitat Enhancement

  • Wetland Enhancement

The District can be contacted for assistance by accessing the contact section of the webpage, or by telephone at (845) 883-7162 ext. 3

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