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5 Park Lane Highland, New York 12528

View of Mohonk Tower

CowEvery County in New York State has a Soil and Water Conservation District. The State passed enabling legislation for the creation of our agency after Congress, in 1937 established a federal conservation agency to address the nation's problems caused by the "dust bowl". The legislation empowered local soil and water conservation districts to carry out and promote soil and water conservation programs.

The Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District was formed by County Resolution in April of 1965. We are governed by a local Board of Directors appointed by the Ulster County Legislature to oversee programs and staff. Ulster's Board consists of representatives from the County Legislature, Farm Bureau, Grange, and At-Large.

For over forty years the District has maintained it's long standing tradition as an agency of action: responsible for the direct design and implementation of engineering and agronomic practices intended for the improvement of water quality and the preservation of the County's natural resources, in both rural and urban capacity.

Stream Project-Bobby Taylor


Margarete Wagner
Program Assistant

Jake Wedemeyer
Executive Director, CCA, CPESC

Travis Ferry
District Technician, CCA

Adam Doan
Ashokan Basin Project Manager

Bobby Taylor
CSBI Program Coordinator

Allison Lent
Stream Assessment Coordinator

Mark Tollefson
Watershed Technician


Leonard Tantillo
Chair - Farm Bureau Representative

William Wilklow
Secretary/Treasurer – Farm Bureau Representative

James Delaune

Sarah Van Nostrand
Grange Bureau Representative

Robert Davenport

Herbert Litts, III
Legislative Representative

Kathy Nolan
Second Legislative Representative